SMARTEdge4.0 Next Generation

The ORCHESTRA SMARTEdge4.0 Next Generation is designed to support an extensive set of real-time digital capabilities close to the operators in the shopfloor by avoiding major latency issues which represent today limited effective use of CLOUD applications in real production. When compared with the previous version, the ORCHESTRA SMARTEdge4.0 Next Generation adds to the basic intelligent multi-protocol data collection, data fusion, exogenous alert management and wired and wireless data transfer to name a few, a new digital infrastructure layer able to host and manage more intelligent function and algorithm for real time digital services. In accordance with our IIoT paradigm named CLOUD DRIVEN EDGE COMPUTING, the new AI techniques coupled with the SMALL DATA paradigm can be supported directly by SMARTEdge4.0 cooperating with CLOUD and BIG DATA technics to get specific input to help better performing of the local processing.

Owner: Orchestra srl
Country: Italy
Main application sector: Manufacturing
Secondary application sector: Industrial IoT,Industrial,Agriculture Machines,Machines,Process automation,Robots,Food production, quality and safety,Water management